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$2.50 freshly squeezed orange juice at Suvarnabhumi airport Bangkok

At Zurich airport, you buy a bottle of “cheap” water for 5 Euro. At Bangkok’s international Suvarnabhumi airport, you get a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice for 80 Baht (around 2.50 USD). On the ground floor, when you walk towards the airport rail link (the train that connects the airport with the city center), there’s an orange juice vending machine. And it’s actually freshly squeezed orange juice. When I tried it today it was pretty good: the oranges were sweet and of good quality.

The oranges are stacked in there, and once you insert money they fall into this machine that slices the oranges in two and then pressed out the juice and fills it neatly into a cup. The entire thing is relaly hygenic—you now see these types of vending machines all over Bangkok.

Give it a try next time you’re at the airport and want a little healthy refreshment!

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