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Cheap food at Suvarnabhumi airport

cheap food court at suvarnabhumi airport bangkok

If you’re at BKK airport and just want to grab a quick cheap meal, there’s a little food court on the first floor: Magic Food Court. You first have to buy coupons at the entrance which you can then exchange for food at any of the stalls. Any unused coupons you can return and get cash back. Coupons are only valid on the day of purchase, so make sure to use them up or exchange them back to cash on the same day if you have any coupons left over.

You purchase coupons here at the entrance, which you then use to pay for food or beverages at the stalls

There are about a dozen stalls that sell different kinds of food.

One of the food stalls in Suvarnabhumi airport’s “Magic Food Court”

Don’t expect the most amazing food here—it’s simply fare, mediocrely prepared, but it’s good enough to fill you up and you don’t pay the typical inflated airport prices.

A plate of rice with curry and squid sets you back just about 80 Baht. A bottle of water around 10 or 20 Baht.

Here’s the menu of one of the stalls, called “Master Cooker”. As you can see, prices range from 60 Baht to 160 Baht, which actually gives you a sizable serving of food.

There are plenty of tables with seating available, and a lot of the staff working at the airport also gets their food here during their lunch breaks.

When you walk to the back you’ll see the “bar & coffee” area where you can buy drinks, anything from plain water to soft drinks, smoothies, even beer (a can of Leo for about 50 Baht). Even fresh coconut water costs just 60 Baht (in the city it typically costs around 40 Baht on the street, and around 60-150 in restaurants).

This is where you buy beverages in Suvarnabhumi airport’s Magic Food Court

I can’t say that I enjoyed the pho—it was filling at best, but nothing else.

The rice with curry was pretty bad. The curry with mama noodles was pretty decent.

The squid curry with rice wasn’t great, but it wasn’t as bad as it looks in this photo
This doesn’t look particularly appetizing neither, but it actually was pretty good for that price

The shop selling papaya salad in the corner is also pretty okay, I know a ground staff member from Issaan that eats here all the time.

They also sell fresh fruits—e.g. precut watermelon, apples, mango, pineapple, etc for about 45 Baht per serving, which is about twice what you pay in the city, but for fresh fruits at an international airport still a steal.

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