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Amor Bangkok – Great Cakes for Fair Prices

As a team of seasoned Bangkok sightseeing tour guides, we do know that after some time in the Big Mango, indulding in all kinds of exotic new tastes, many people do enjoy a familiar treat. Like cake!

If you are looking for yummy cakes, Amor Bangkok is a good choice. While it’s not difficult to find cake in Bangkok, most of them are made to look beautiful and taste… well, sweet, but not good. Oftentimes they use cheap ingredients. One reason for that might be that to Thai people, cake is still something kind of exotic, and Thais do care about appearance, so when they eat cake, they want to have a nice visual experience, and they like to save money.

Amore Bangkok is different – they provide premium quality for decent prices – around 55 baht for a piece of cake.

If you try any of their cakes, make it one of their cheesecakes first. We are deeply in love with the blueberry cheese cake. The only negative thing we can say about this cake is that it disappears way too fast as soon as it’s put in front of our nose 😉

Blueberry Cheese cake by Amor Bangkok

Blueberry cheese cake

A close relative to the blueberry cheese cake is the lemon cheese cake, which you may admire in the following picture:

Lemon Cheese Cake by Amor Bangkok

Lemon Cheese Cake

The dough basement here is really nice, because it’s a kind of firm, yet soft dough (not crispy, but in a good way soft!). The cheese part of it is just right – creamy and yummy and it makes you feel like ummmmm, at peace. And then there’s that gentle lemon topping, balancing that comfortness out with a refreshing zing and zest. And yes, they use real fresh lemons, not some kind of cheap lemon aroma or ready-made juice.

We love Thai ice tea (cha yen), so we couldn’t resist trying the Thai Tea La-Moon Cake (what does La-Moon mean? We don’t know either):

Thai Tea Cake by Amor Bangkok

Thai Tea La-Moon Cake by Amor Bangkok

It’s good, but… just a bit bland, and while the Thai tea cream is just right, the dough of the cake itself is just a bit too loose and lacks character. Well, that’s probably why they call it “soft cake”.

The same can be said about the Orange cake:

Orange Cake by Amor Bangkok

Orange La-Moon Cake

But we really liked their Banana Chocolate cake, particularly because the Banana Chocolate combination gives it a kind of “slurpy” texture.

Amor Bangkok Banana Chocolate Cake

Banana Chocolate Cake by Amor Bangkok

Their Mille Crepe cake is good if you prefer something more subtle and bland, but it is also their probably most filling cake, so much so that we think you can actually share it with another person and still have both people be satisfied. It’s really thinly layered and very soft:

Mille Crepe by Armor Bangkok

Mille Crepe Cake

And then there’s Amor Bangkok’s chocolate cheese cake. Well, the name is pretty much self-explanatory, and if you do like chocolate, and you do like cheesecake, then you will like this one. It’s a very chocolatish-cheesecake, and fortunately not too much on the sweet side. (You know, not like those fast-food chocolate cakes, where they just put in way too much sugar because sugar is a cheap ingredient? Amor Bangkok didn’t do that, and we love ’em for that!)

Chocolate Cheesecake by Amor Bangkok

Chocolate Cheesecake by Amor Bangkok

They do have a great iced moccha, and their hot chocolate is good too, with a generous foam topping covering it:

Hot Chocolate at Amor Bangkok

Hot Chocolate

Amor Bangkok doesn’t use preservatives, so they gotta make their cakes fresh every day – which they do.

They also have a promotional video where different people praise different desserts, so if you want to watch their advertisement, here it is:

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  • reynante malaran May 19, 2014, 12:11 am

    i like the thai desserts like thai tea la moon cake and blueberry cheesecakes.. i was there 2 years ago super like the food desserts …

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