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Bangkok Flower Market

Ella Marshall is a Quality Hunter from FinnAir. What’s a quality hunter you ask? Well, it’s someone who hunts around the world in search of… quality. All kinds of quality that is, but in particular food and quality of experiences.

So it is no surprise that one of her favorite places is Bangkok’s flower market Pak Khlong.

Just to watch the ladies at work, intricately threading Thai garlands, known as phuang malai, which are then sold for literal pennies was an honour in itself; to witness the quality of skill at work here far better than any of the mega mall the city seems to host in abundance. Each pocket was a blast for the eyes, unleashing new hues and tones I didn’t even know existed; all natural, all fresh.

When you walk along the flower market, you will find thousands and thousands of beautiful flowers that will delight your senses. The best thing you can do is just buy a bunch and bring it home to your hotel so that you can enjoy their sight and smells later on – or make someone happy by handing them a bunch of flowers.

Photocredits: ayngelina, Ursula, Araleya

The Bangkok Flower Marketplace is certainly a sight worth seeing. An overload for the senses, the fragrances and vibrant colours will have you instantly pleased that you simply made it right here. Open 24 hours, this is definitely 1 location to consist of in your trip to Thailand. With each and every selection that you simply could possibly believe of, you’re in a position to seek out a few of the most exquisite specimens for sale.

A massive hustling and bustling business that’s busy regardless from the time you go to, the Bangkok flower marketplace is fantastic to merely browse and individuals watch or could be a wonderfully inexpensive method to buy a bunch of a few of the freshest flowers obtainable for sale.

The sight of mopeds with enormous oversized clumps of flowers isn’t unusual, and also the street of flower vendors are much more than happy to do a deal with you. Definitely you will probably be forgiven for not being in a position to name the several species and varieties of flowers sold right here.

1 from the busiest occasions to go to is between two and three within the morning as this is when the markets receive their freshest deliveries of flowers. You are able to also buy fruit and vegetables right here too as herbs and spices. 1 from the greatest occasions to go the the Bangkok Flower Marketplace is within the cool from the evening. Simply because from the frequently humid and dense climate of Thailand, visiting the marketplace location within the evening could be a much better method to select any blooms you wish to buy. Fluorescent lighting will offer a nicely lit path for you to go from vendor to vendor and strike up a deal for your favourite flower bunch.

Renowned as 1 of probably the most voted flower markets within the world, the Bangkok Flower Marketplace is definitely a destination that should be seen in your travels to Thailand.

Nuttikan La is a flower growing and gardening enthusiast. She runs a Bangkok flower delivery website as well as a personal blog where she shares her experiences as a Thailand florist.

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