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Bangkok Taxi Ride Adventures

It’s often the small things that make Thailand such a special place. Sure, we have the Grand Palace – but how small does it seem compared the magnificense of the Taj Mahal? Sure, we have five star hotels and luxury shopping malls – but how pale do they seem compared to the almost obscene riches of Shanghai, the smell of money in Manhattan?

No, the reason to come to Bangkok is the small joys and adventures that fill your day here like nowhere else.

One fragment of this adventure are the taxi rides in Bangkok. Because each taxi here is a little micro-universe.

Want to experience a Bangkok taxi ride yourself? Well, if you’re not in Bangkok, then just head over to Still Life in Moving Vehicles.

Dale is a expat in Bangkok, who captures his Bangkok-taxi-ride-adventures with his camera and shares them on his blog.

And part of every Bangkok sightseeing trip should at least be one Bangkok taxi ride. In fact, there’s a whole science to it. When you start out, you’ll probably often fall for one of the taxi scams. It’s not that taxi drivers in Bangkok are conmen – it’s just that some of them are. And these have mastered the art of picking greenhorns. They wait in all the places where first time visitors spend their time. And they mastered the art of luring the clueless into their cabs.

But over time, you’ll graduate in Bangkok taxiology and learn about the City of Angels of the East through the stories of Bangkok taxi drivers.

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