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Bangkok Traffic Jam – Stuck In Between

This is a very typical image of Bangkok traffic. And that is one of the reasons why it’s good to have a personal tour guide in Bangkok – so you don’t end up stuck in some traffic jam for hours in your precious holiday vacation time. Because locals often know which areas and streets to avoid, and ways to get around the traffic jams.

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The nice thing is that the laid-back style of the Thais even makes traffic jams more bearable. There’s no road rage here – people know that they’re stuck in traffic and make the best out of it, rather than becoming upset about it.

Sometimes you can even see vendors walking between the cars, selling flower garlands or little snacks or refreshments to the people in the cars.

You can also rent a car in Bangkok, although unless you’re a really good driver, driving in Bangkok might not be the best idea – particularly because you can find taxis so cheap. But if you want to go for a weekend drive out of town, then a rented car is often the best way to go, because you are so much more flexible and free than when you go by bus, train or van.

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