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Brahmanistic Barbers in Bangkok

There are many barber shops in Bangkok – and one reason for that is that Thai people generally tend to place a very high importance on a proper appearance.

You probably already know that Thailand is a Buddhist country, where more than 90% of the population are practicing Buddhists. But Thailand also has been influences by Brahmanism. In Brahmanism, it is believes that people should not cut their hair on Wednesdays – and that’s why some barber shops are closed on Wednesdays.

Time for a shave

At many stores you can also get a wonderful, half-hour head massage. Just tell them whether you want to have some beauty products used on your hair or just a the head massage without anything.

It can be a bit hit and miss in terms of the quality of the head massage. But it’s well worth giving it a try, as when you come across someone who does a really good head massage, it’s a wonderful way to be even more relaxed for your Bangkok sightseeing time 🙂

The Brahmanistic influences have come into Thailand more via the ancient Khmer kingdom (what is now Cambodia) rather than directly from India, and that’s why it’s not a Hinduistic Brahmanism. One of the main reasons probably was a royal tradition – as in Brahmanism, it is common to declare that kings are in fact half-gods, which gives them more authority to rule.

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