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Chatuchak Park

The Chatuchak Park is located in the Chatuchak district, which is most famously known for the Chatuchak weekend market – the world’s largest weekend market. When you have been on a shopping spree, this is a nice way to relax and calm down and enjoy the rest or your Bangkok tour 🙂

Chatuchak Park

As crowded and chaotic as the market as, as serene is the park. A very quite little space to relax and wind down from Bangkok’s rushed pulse. You can rent small bicycles here and drive around the park, lay down on the green and have a picnick, read a book… there is also a large artificial lake and many small bridges that are built over it, and the lake is full of fish.

Here is a video, although the person who shot the video got the name wrong 🙂

You can rent a boat and paddle on the lake, which is a nice activity for couples who want to spend some romantic time together.

This land was donated to His Majesty the King by the State Railway of Thailand, and the park was built in 1975 – that makes it one of the older parks in Bangkok times. It was on the wish of His Majesty that this park was constructed, and then opened to the public in the year 1980. There is also a train museum located on the grounds of the park. In total, the park is around 0.3 square kilometers big. About 7,000 people come here every day, and on weekends and holidays the number rises to around 30,000 people.

It is open every day from 4:30 AM to 9 PM.

Close to the park is also the Butterfly Garden Park, where thousands of colorful butterflies live.

Here is a video taken in the park, where some tourists feed fish and birds, although it doesn’t really capture the nice atmosphere of the park.

Photocredits: Mistifarang

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