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EU Eco Film Festival in Bangkok

The EU Eco Film Festival 2012 will take place in Bangkok, starting May 24 2012. It’s a spin-off of the annual EU Film Festival and takes place at SF Cinema on the 6th floor of the Terminal 21 shopping center.

In total there are 10 movies that focus on changing the world.

They Will Come to Town

This short movie is about climate change, and how it can affect our cities. EU Ambassador David Lipman will give an opening speech at 6:30PM.


The movie Home, by French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand can be watched online on YouTube for free. It’s about how the world is changing because of global warming – from a bird-s eye view, beautiful camera work.

The Age of Stupid

Starring Pete Postlethwaite who lives alone in the devastated world of 2055. He’s watching videos from the year 2000 and wondering why we didn’t stop global warming when we still had the chance.

Recipes for Disaster

A movie from Finland by director John Webster.

The Bill

A German movie where three friends chat in a bar about climate change.

Cities on Speed – Cairo Garbage

About the garbage problem in expanding cities, by Danish filmmaker Mikala Krogh.

The Saga of the Primeval Forest: The Tale of A Lynx

A movie from Poland about the Bialowieza forest.

Think Global, Act Rural

About the destruction modern agriculture can have on the environment. This is a French movie.

If you enjoy watching movies (the European ones that are shot to make a social impact), then the EU Eco Film Festival might be well worth to include in your Bangkok sightseeing trip.

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