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Fashion made in Thailand goes Global

In the past, Thailand was mainly popular for copying designer labels. But nowadays, there is a lot of creative talent in Bangkok. One of these fashion creatives is Bhanu Inkawat, who founded the Greyhound label that has successfully gone international. He is still serving as creative director.

Mr. Inkawat already had a long and successful career in advertising (25 years at Leo Burnett Bangkok) when he started his own fashion label around 30 years ago. It’s not fashion wear for everyone, but the Greyhound designs especially attracted professional creatives: artists, people in the music and entertainment biz, designers.

Bhanu Inkawat describes the Greyhound style as “beautiful chaos” – because everything gets mixed together in a chaotic way, yet, it ends up being beautifully harmonious.

Greyhound collections are now being sold in boutiques in Paris, Berlin, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, Stockholm, Bali, Vietnam and Malaysia.

You can see the Greyhound collections and learn more about the great Greyhouse cafe on their official website.

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