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Fresh Fruit Vendor in Bangkok

This is surely not a typical tourist attraction and not something that one would include on a Bangkok sightseeing tour – there’s no need to purchase a ticket, no need to stand in line, no great architecture or culture to see. But it is something that is so inherently part of typical Thai life, that it is something you should see.

Fresh Fruit Street Vendor in Bangkok

These fresh fruit vendors supply you with the best kinds of vitamins you can get pretty much at any time of the day. The fruits are always laid out on ice, which is great – because Bangkok is hot. It’s refreshing, it’s healthy, it tastes good – and it’s cheap too.

Fruit on a stick is very popular with both Thais and foreigners. It’s convenient – because you don’t need to cut a watermelon, or any other food – they will cut the fruit of your choice freshly in front of your eyes in bite-sized chunks.

You could call it “fastfood” or a snack – but in this case, it’s the healthiest kind of fastfood on earth. Fastfood that really is good for you.

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