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Good, Fast & Cheap Thai Food Near BTS Phra Khanong

If you’re ever near the BTS station Phra Khanong and want to bite a quick bite of good food for little money, this simple food shop is a good choice. Very clean food that’s already made, so no need to wait.

They have a good selection of food (including some vegetarian choices) and you’ll never get bored here.

These kinds of shops are quite common in Thailand. You get a plate of rice and then you can choose what you want on top of that rice – just one, or two or three different side dishes. Thai people call this lad khao.

It’s an unlikely destination for someone who wants to go sightseeing in Bangkok, but in case you make it there it’s good to know this place 🙂


Location: Sukhumvit Road (near Soi 65) between BTS Phra Khanong & BtS Ekkamai

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