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HIV Kids in Thailand

Editor: This one is not about sightseeing in Bangkok – but it’s about something that is meaningful and important. We hope you understand why we share it here anyway, even though it is off-topic.

It’s a good thing that affects Thailand, and we want to do our little part in getting the word out about it. Thanks!

Thailand has made great advances in fighting the spread of HIV.

Yet, there are still those living with it – and some of them are kids who never had a chance to “be careful” or “protect” themselves, simply because they were born with it.

And those kids are often stigmatized in society. Other kids, healthy kids, are often told by their parents not to play with them, and sometimes they’re abandoned by their own families.

There’s a place in the Thai province of Lopburi where these kids are taken care of in an AIDS orphanage.

And the people who contribute their time, energy and money to keep this place going are doing an amazing job in positively impacting not only the lifes of these kids, but also the Thai society as a whole.

Now a movie has been made about this orphanage, and it’s going to be screened in Bangkok in March. It’s a true, inspiring and uplifting story full of drama, joy, happiness and sadness. Maybe you can attend the screening, get your hands on one of the DVDs, make a donation or somehow else support this.

You can find more infos about it in Talen’s post: Living with the Tiger

Thanks again, and have a great day.

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