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Hot Yoga in Bangkok

You might have heart of hot yoga. Now, in Thailand it’s not exactly difficult to find a hot place – but at Absolute Yoga, you will find rooms that are heated to 37 degrees. Sweating guaranteed!

Hatha Yoga Video Lunge Pose - Hanurasana

26 to 35 yoga postures are performed – all of this will strengthen, tone and stretch your muscles, and reduce stress at the same time.

This really only makes sense if you stay in Bangkok for longer – at least six weeks.

One reason why it’s performed in a hot and humid environment is because it reduces the risk of injury and faciliated deeper stretching at the same time.

Don’t think that just because this is Thailand Yoga here is cheaper than elsewhere – the prices are pretty much the same like in USA or Europe. But it is also a nice way to get to know new people and so something really good for the wellbeing of your body and your mind.

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