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Isaarn Teud Teung

Isaarn Teud Teung is a crazy place. The probably weirdest cabaret show in Bangkok. The music is too loud and obnoxious, the dancers are moving just a bit off, the singers are… well, not good at all, yet, somehow, the whole place manages to have something going for it.

The waitresses here wear short skirts and pink tops, and overall their clothing looks like when you load up a picture in photoshop and turn saturation to 200% – bright, shriek, out of place contrasting colors.

If you know the very popular and successful (and professionally managed) Tawan Daeng Brewery, this is kind of like it. Except, it’s run-down and for locals. Low income locals at that too (which is yet another markedly distinctin from the Tawan Daeng Brewery).

Again, don’t come here for “having a great time”. This is a weird experience, and if you come with the right mindset it’s funny. Don’t come here for the food – it’s average. But if you’re with good friends who can stand a night of absurdity, it can be a lot of fun.

Don’t come here before 10pm though – there’s nothing going on, it’s a late night place.

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