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Massage in Bangkok

First of all:

let’s associate.

What comes into your mind when you read these two words:

massage & Bangkok

let your mind wander…

and wander…

ok, that’s enough.

I think I made a valid point here.

Yes, most people think of “special” Thai massage

(with a “happy ending)

but that’s not what this one is about.

We’re talking about

traditional Thai massage

a healing bodywork modality

(and in case you didn’t know

you’re fully clothed during this kind of massage

and no one is touching you “down there”).

Funny enough – traditional Thai massage actually comes from India.

It was a friend of the Buddha who developed this bodywork modality first.

But now, it can’t be found in India anymore.

Travelling monks brought it to Thailand,

where it took on it’s current form.

If you’ve been on a long Bangkok sightseeing trip

you’re feet might be tired

your body might ache

and you’re just generally exhausted

(that’s what the heat can do to you).

And that’s when it’s the right moment to experience a traditional Thai massage.

Wat Pho is usually the number one place to receive one.

Although the quality there is hit and miss.

Some practitioners are excellent

other’s are… well, let’s call it “(possibly) becoming excellent (one day in the future)”.

In general, if a Thai massage therapist is watching TV while giving you a massage,

that’s a good indicator that your therapist isn’t really in the meditative state that giving a original Thai massage requires.

(They don’t have TVs at Wat Pho by the way, but many small massage shops around Bangkok do).

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