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Sanam Luang

Sanam Luang is a popular place where events take place throughout the year in Bangkok. It’s an open field, located right in the heart of the old town of Bangkok, Ko Rattanakosin, next to the Grand Palace.

Around March, you can see lots of people flying kites here.

There are also many royal ceremonies that take place here, like the Ploughing Ceremony in May. This is a Brahmin ceremony that is meant to ensure a good rice harvest.

As of now, it’s not accessible, because military engineers work on it’s landscaping. But if everything goes according to plan, it will re-open in April 2011.

They are installing a water drainage system and electric lines underground, and they are building a 30 meter road and footpath in the park, paved with cement tiles. They are also creating two hills on the left and right side of the park.

The renovation of the park costs around 181 million baht, and if things go as planned, will take 300 days. Thus, it should be ready by April 26, in time for the Royal Ploughing Ceremony in May. 200 military engineers are involved in this project.

There used to be a problem: the military relocated thousands of pigeons that lived here. There were quiet a few people making a living from selling bird food here. Of course they were not happy when the birds got relocated – but instead, the military troops have supplied them with carts from which they can now sell soft drinks or fruit.

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