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Singing Karaoke in Bangkok

Thai’s love to sing karaoke. And there are many clubs where you can go on stage, or rent a small karaoke room for you and your friends. Here’s what a room typically looks like – a couple of sofas, a table in the middle and a karaoke system:

Most of the time there are beverages on the table – particularly Thai whisky. But, sometimes, there’s food also (another thing that Thai people love is eating):

Karaoke and food!

And sometimes, foreigners enjoy singing karaoke in Bangkok too 😉


If you go to a karaoke bar, always go with a lot of friends, it’s more fun. One of the good thing is that you can make a fool out of yourself and only your good friends will notice and enjoy with you. Unless, of course, you actually can sing well – but about 90% of the people who sing karaoke in Bangkok can’t sing well – they just enjoy singing. And once you got over your shyness, you will too, it really is a lot of fun to sing with friends 🙂

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