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Soi Ari Street Food Safari

Bangkok is the capital of low-cost, high-quality street food.

One spot that is particularly popular with expats living in Bangkok is Soi Ari (also written Soi Aree) in north-central Bangkok. It’s right next to the BTS station Ari.

It’s mainly about Pahon Yothin 7, and going here for dinner is awesome. On the weekends, there’s even more choice and activity. Great to walk around with friends, try something here and something there.

But be warned: on such a Bangkok sightseeing (or foot-eating) trip, you should never overeat. At least never overeat before you start eating desserts. Because there are plenty of delicious traditional and modern Thai sweets to sample, enjoy and indulge in.

In general a good food-spotting strategy is to go where the locals go. So if there is a food stall where you see a bunch of people waiting around, then it’s probably worth the wait.


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