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Street Food Vendors in Bangkok

This is one of the things that makes Bangkok such a great place: food is available everywhere, everytime. And not just some food: good food! Like, food that is made from real ingredients, rather than a mix of processed stuff out of some food processing plant.

Food vendors usually sell food for prices between 20-50 baht per dish (of course depending on the dish too, but around 85% of all food you can get at street vendors falls into that category). Many times, foreign visitors are concerned about hygiene and food safety – but the best way to gauge whether a stall is serving clean food or not is to just look with your own eyes at the vendor, the stall and the food, and also look at how many local Thai people are eating there. If there are lots of locals eating here, there’s no way that vendor could get away with not serving clean food. Thais are very particular with cleanliness. So when you go on a Bangkok sightseeing tour, be sure to not just explore the city with your eyes and ears, but especially your taste buds 🙂

When you see a vendor like this, you can know that it is someone selling Isaan food. Isaan is the northeastern region of Thailand, and also the poorest region of Thailand. But in terms of food, they have some of the best that Thailand has to offer. The sign of a typical Isaan street vendor is the brown colored mortar and pestle, and those plastic boxes that contain peanuts, chillies, etc. They use this mortar and pestle mainly for their signature dish: somtam, which is a salad made from green papaya.

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