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Thai Food – On The Streets of Bangkok and in Fancy Restaurants

The Sidney Morning Herald recently published an article on Thai food, and how it’s going into the “fine dining category” in Thailand:

Thais believe their food should be shared, preferably on a makeshift table flanking a busy road, or at a hole-in-the-wall shop, with as many friends as the love, beer and laughter will allow. While fine-dining Thai restaurants exist in Bangkok – and in some cases are very good – they are usually for tourists.

Well – that’s not so accurate actually. Thai’s don’t believe their food should be shared on a makeshift table flanking a busy road – that’s just a thing of convenience and affordability.

There are plenty of places were well-off Thais go to enjoy high-quality Thai food in luxurious surroundings.

It’s just a matter of fact that a lot of people who earn maybe 20000 baht a month don’t want to spend 5000 baht for a dinner, but rather prefer to go for a 25 baht meal. The ambience may not be as beautiful, but the food can be just as tasty.

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