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The Elephant Building

Here you can see the “Elephant Building”, which is a popular landmark for Thais, although there typically aren’t that many foreigners in this area. The elephant is the symbol of Thailand, and they have been revered to for many centuries already by the Thai people. That is why this building was constructed in the shape of an elephant – at least to somehow resemble an elephant.

The building has 32 floors and is 102 meters (335ft.) high, it was completed in 1997. The elephant building consists of 7 parts:

  • Tower A (Office)
  • Tower B (Office)
  • Tower C {Residential)
  • Top Floor (Luxurious residential suites)
  • Recreation Ground (Swimming Pool & Gardens)
  • Shopping Plaza, Bank & post office
  • Parking garage

Photocredits: norsez

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