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Theatre in Bangkok: “The Carving Knife”

Not many people are aware of theatre in Bangkok – butit’s a great way to mix up a typical Bangkok sightseeing routine.

Right now for example, there’s “The Carving Knife”. It’s a mystery thriller that revolves around a murder case.

But there is something special about this: the play is not taking place in a theatre, but instead in a real apartment in Bangkok. So it’s almost as if you’re really witnessing a murder case.

All the actors speak English and are professional actors, so it’s absolutely accessible for foreign visitors too.

The whole thing is organized by the Mahidol University International College, and if you are in Bangkok before June 26 you still have a chance to see it.

They put on the performance every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, starting at 7:30. If you want to socialize a bit first, you can be there at 7 pm already.

For more information just contact us.

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