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Chatuchak Market will be even cooler (thanks to air-condition)

Bangkok’s famous weekend market – also known as Chatuchak, Jatujak or JJ market, and one of the biggest weekend markets of the world – is about to undergo an upgrade.

If you’ve ever been there, you know what it’s like: hot and crowded. There’s no way to get around sweating your pores out.

And that’s part of the special flair of this market, because the oppressive heat which fills the narrow walkways between thousand of little stores is a form of natural selection to let only eager shoppers explore the market.

But this is about to change.

Plans have been announced: the Chatuchak market will soon be air-conditioned. How soon we don’t know yet, but it will happen.

Surely a loss for nostalgics, but ultimately it’s a good thing I’d say. It’s just a much more pleasant shopping experience. If you’re in Bangkok now and have time on Saturday or Sunday, then by all means visit the Chatuchak market to be able to experience it once the way it “originally” was. And then come back one day in the future when it’s all air-conditioned, and you’ll be able to reminisce¬†about the old days at JJ.

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