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Chockchai Burger Bangkok

Another yummy alternative to Thai food in Bangkok is… a hamburger! But if you’re like us, neither McDonalds nor Burger King will suit your taste at all. Fortunately there are still plenty of options to go for good burgers in Bangkok.

And one of them is Chokchai steak burgers in Bangkok – located inside the giant Siam Paragon shopping center (BTS station Siam) on the floor where the food court is. Then you go to the gourmet market (actually walk inside) and there’s that little counter.

There aren’t many seats (I think just around 8 seats), and if you come with friends you sometimes have to wait a bit until sitting becomes available, but since it’s fast food never too long. (Also, alternatively, there are several tables nearby where you can sit down to enjoy your buger, which is what I would recommend for anything more than 3 people).

Chokchai is quiet a large company in Thailand. They have a popular farm in North-Eastern Thailand, where tourists can go to visit and experience what life on a farm is like. (Well, in a kind of Disneyfied version). So the meat that you eat in these burgers comes from the Chokchai farm – which is a good thing, as they have quality meats.

For a Bangkok sightseeing burger break, this is a good place to stop by, especially if you’re already shopping in the Siam Paragon shopping mall. Although there is a strong burger contender right nearby – the Japanese burger chain Mos Burger.

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