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Fried chicken in tamarinde sauce with fresh herbs

One of the things that makes sightseeing in Bangkok so much fun is that there’s always A LOT of delicious food at low prices to be found. Thai cuisine uses fresh ingredients and likes to mix different flavors, which then are meant to balance each other out.

Just look at this nice little dish that we recently treated ourselves with:

Fried chicken with tamarinde sauce

Fried chicken meat in a delicious sweet and sour tamarinde sauce, mixed with fresh herbs and nuts. A simple dish, but one that provides a lot of pleasure when eating. And this was in a fancy shopping mall in Bangkok, yet we paid less than 100 Baht – if you venture out to the streets you can eat for even lower prices, and the food is often just as good, if not even better. Only the presentation isn’t as nice to the eye in those cases 🙂

If you want to go on a food adventure in Bangkok, contact us to get in touch with one of our foodies to show you around 🙂

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