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Erawan Museum in Bangkok

The Erawan museum in Bangkok is an interesting place to visit. It’s famous for the three-headed elephant.

Actually, it is not really located in Bangkok, but in Samut Prakan, but that’s so close to Bangkok that it can easily be visited on a day trip.

The whole thing is 29 meters high, weights 250 tons and is 36 meters long.

And it’s a labour of love. It took almost a decade to be completed. It was Lek Viriyapant, an unusual businessman, who created this museum.

If you are interested in Thai mythology, this is a great place to visit. Because each of the levels represents a different area of the Thai cosmos. There are lots of antiques and religious iconography to be found. Mister Lek Viriyapant was an avid collector of Asian antiques, which can now be found within the museum.

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