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The Siam – Fancy Accomodation in Bangkok

The author of GayGuide for Bangkok shares some of the fancy places he’s seen in the City of Angels.

Among other things, he reported about The Siam: the first urban resort in Bangkok. His verdict?

The Siam has a real rock star quality going for it. Though it may be hard to picture this luxury resort as a family-owned business, The Siam was conceived by the Sukosol family, the Royal Tenenbaums of Thailand.

Bejeweled and eccentric, matriarch Kamala Sokosol lives next door to the biggest gay bathhouse in Bangkok and has donated over $1 million to charity. If she’s the Liza Minelli of Thailand, then her daughter Marisa is the Barbra Streisand, the vocal prodigy and recording artist.

Brother Kriss Sukosol is one of Thailand’s biggest rock stars, who also happened to have nabbed the country’s equivalent of an Oscar in 2006. His brother Sukie, however, is considered the Renaissance man of the family. He founded the biggest record label in Asia then sold it to Sony. Since then he has written an inspirational book, produced and starred in his own reality show and found a following as a street photographer.

The Sukosol children have put together their precocious talents, not to mention mom’s several millions, to bring to life the modern and edgy Siam.

If you’re going to stay luxuriously in Bangkok and want to experience something truly Thai (instead of another international 5 star hotel stay), The Siam is an excellent choice.


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