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Eco-Friendly Furniture Made Out Of Recycled Coffee Grounds in Bangkok

This is not the kind of thing you’re usually aware of when you go sightseeing in Bangkok, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Thai architect and eco-designer Asst Prof Dr Singh Intrachooto of Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Architecture has created furniture that is made out of… coffee grounds (which have been donated by Starbucks).

It’s a pretty cool concept, because

  1. Starbucks has a lot of coffee grounds that usually just gets thrown away,
  2. It’s high-quality furniture
  3. It’s environmentally friendly.

If you want to see the furniture, you have to visit the Starbucks shop at Megabangna in Bangkok.

Or you can look at some photos in this article by the Bangkok Post.

If you want to know more about Dr. Singh Intrachooto, the man behind this project, you can also read this interesting interview from 2009.

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