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World Massage Record in Bangkok

One of the things Thailand is really popular for are massages: now you can find traditional Thai massage all over the world, from five star luxury resorts to cheap massage shops.

Now 800 Thai masseuses tried to break the world record by massaging 800 people simultaneously.

ITC Sonar, Kolkata—Thai Massage


The event was organized by the Health Ministry of Thailand to promote Thailand as a spa and wellness destination.

The current world record holder is Australia, where 263 people were massages simultaneously in 2012.

Unfortunately it’s already too late to be one of the 800 massage receiving volunteers 😉

But fortunately there are many places in Bangkok where you can get a great massage for very little money. We in fact highly recommend that you squeeze that in somewhere in your Bangkok sightseeing schedule – because let’s face it, Bangkok is a hot place, and if you’re on your feet for a long time, a relaxing massage is just what you need.

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