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Wellness Treatments in Bangkok

Bangkok is probably one of the best places in the world to get a massage and other kinds of wellness treatments. There are so many spas and so many qualified therapists here, while the prices are very, very reasonable.

On the low-budget end, you have hundreds of little massage places where you can get 1 hour massages starting at $2. (Those are “you get what you pay for” most of the time though. Often it’s just a foot massage on a little beach chair that is set up in some shopping mall). You also have plenty of places where you can get a 1 hour traditional Thai massage treatment for $6-$12 USD. Some of these places offer a lousy experience, but some are really, surprisingly great.

In fact, the standard price for a traditional Thai massage in Bangkok is around 300 Baht per hour, and you can get a really good treatment for that. If you know where to go to and which massage therapist to select.

And then, you have plenty of more upscale options, that are still very cheap compared to what you would pay in other countries, and considering the high quality standards you get.

Particularly for the more luxurious treatments, there always is some promotion going on that you can take advantage of if you really want to spoil and pamper yourself after a Bangkok sightseeing trip.

The same is true for beauty treatments – right now, you can get a rejuvenation package including an organic facial treatment, a pearl scrub and treatment and seven day access to the fitness center of Phillip Wain for less than $70. In places like Hong Kong or Singapore, the same package would cost upwards of $500 USD.

All these kinds of promotions are time-limited though, and you need to be wired-in in order to know about it. But that’s what we are there for 😉

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